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CubeLite II USB Rechargeable Bike Rear Light - XOSS.CO

CubeLite II Bike Rear Light, Smart Brake, Auto On, Light & Motion Detect, 30 Hours, Waterproof, Rechargeable

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INTELLIGENT LIGHT SENSE:During the day, it is automatically turned off and riding at night is automatically turned on. In order to avoid the influence of car light at night, it turns off automatically after being irradiated with a strong light.

EASY TO INSTALL: No tools needed installation, easy to install and disassemble, fits most road and mountain bikes.

BRAKE SENSING LIGHT: Not only the brake mode is sensitive,but it also will automatically switch the brake mode, prompting attention, improve safety

LED LIGHT:COB LED light source is bright but not glaring, so you can ride safely and securely

IPX5 WATERPROOF Rating: Prevent water intrusion. You will keep using it even if heavy rain falls.

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